Grange DPS system to support the HMRC Data Provisioning service

The HMRC Data Provisioning Service

The new HRMC Data Provisioning Service is designed to allow retrievals of information from HRMC that were previously only available via EDI. The new service is easier to use and communicates with the HRMC systems via a secure Internet connection. The first service to be made available on the DPS will support PAYE data.

Grange DPS system

The Grange DPS system has been fully approved by the HRMC and is designed to support all current features of the HMRC DPS gateway. It is available for Windows environments.

The Grange DPS system downloads data from the HRMC gateway, and makes the data available to applications (e.g. payroll systems) for automatic updates, and also may be viewed and printed via a Browser.

The system currently supports the coding notices P6, P6b, P9, SL1, SL2 (Student loans start/stop), Annual Reminders, and Notifications P35, P11D, Incentive letters.

Further data types will be added as the Government expands its usage of the Gateway.

Features of the Grange DPS system